Standard Sales Terms and Conditions

Guarantee as follows :

Engines (complete or head, block, sump)

  1. Only block , crank and pistons are guaranteed, if any smoke or bearing knock occurs within guarantee period (30 days)  from date of invoice .
  2. Engine must be fitted by a qualified and registered mechanic preferably (RMI) approved fitment center.
  3. The responsibility of servicing the engine purchased as well as replacement of belts , filters and oil lies with the owner ,  this will further enhance the general condition of the motor .
  4. Radiator must be cleaned/ flushed and tested. (BRING PROOF ) .
  5. Replacing of radiator hoses is required.
  6. Make sure the electrical radiator fan is in good working condition.
  7. A fully functional viscous fan needs to be fitted to the vehicle immediately upon fitment of the engine supplied, should such a model require one .
  8. Make sure the oil cooler radiator is cleaned and tested.
  9. Make sure oil pressure switch is in good working order.
  10. Oil needs to be changed every 5000kms as is necessary for the safekeeping of an engine .
  11. Hanging parts such as alternator, starter ,distributor , powers steering pump , turbo , injectors etc… are not guaranteed by us .
  12. After the engine has been fitted, the vehicle has to undergo a diagnostics test to ensure all previous faults have been cancelled .
  13. Guarantee will immediately be invalid if anyone other than Matadoor Salvage (Pty) Ltd opens the engine or its components .
  14. If any discount was given because of condition of motor, the engine will be sold without guarantee (as is) .
  15. Guarantee is valid for 30 days from date of invoice.
  16. Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd will not be liable for any transport costs on exchange of parts or engines.
  17. Should exchange unit not be received within 10 working days of dispatch all guarantees will be null and void and further invoicing will follow to cover (Core-charge) at 20% of invoice amount.
  18. No guarantee on injectors, sensors & pick ups, throttle bodies, turbo or any other electronics at all !
  19. Clients signature validates the terms and conditions as binding .
  20. Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd guarantees only to undertake a repair of the item at our cost, should any problems be experienced alternatively a replacement unit will be provided should we have another component in stock, or will be supplied within 7-10 days .
  21. Please note all engines purchased from Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd carry a startup guarantee valid for 30 days from date of invoice .
  22. When fitting replacement engine , it is imperative to check oil pressure before attempting to start the engine, as engines are not sold with fluids , engines should be primed before start-up.
  23. Removal and re-fitting costs will not be covered by Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd.
  24. NO CASH REFUNDS whatsoever should any of our terms and conditions not be adhered to .
  25. In the unlikely event that a refund is approved , a standard handling charge will be effected calculated at 20% of the invoice amount, this applies to each and every transaction and no exclusions will be made .
  26. The engine needs to be fitted and registered to the vehicle intended within the 30 day period , should any extension be required a written notice should be issued before the end of the 30 day period set out on the invoice , failure to do so will result in the engine being scrapped .
  27. The onus is upon the purchaser of the engine to supply as much information as possible to our salesperson so as to ensure correct supply of the parts required .
  28. All decisions are final and reserved by management .

Gearboxes and Automatic Transmissions

  1. All gearboxes must be fitted by a qualified mechanic preferably (RMI) approved workshop .
  2. Gears broken as a result of rough handling or down gearing at high speed, will not be repaired under guarantee .
  3. The customer must insure that the correct oil level is maintained- damage sustained as a result of insufficient oil will invalidate the guarantee, only manufacturers specified fluids should be used in gearboxes supplied by Matadoor salvage (PTY)Ltd.
  4. The driveshaft of the vehicle must be correctly balanced to prevent damage to the tailpiece or bushes. Any oil leak or similar complaints arising as a result hereof is not covered by this guarantee.
  5. The opening of any gearbox under guarantee by customer immediately invalidates this guarantee.
  6. If gear selectors, gear links, gear shift cables, thrust bearing or clutch and pressure plate are faulty,  guarantee on gearbox will be invalid.
  7. Replacing of the following is required: Pilot bush/ gear and tailpiece seal , carrier bearing on prop-shaft , if required .
  8. Guarantee on reconditioned – 30 days from invoice date.
  9. No guarantee on automatic gearbox’s not fitted by professional transmission specialist (RMI approved).
  10. Guarantee on second hand gearbox’s – 7 days from invoice date.
  11. Customer signature validates the terms and conditions above.

Differentials :

  1. Removal and re fitment charges will not be covered by Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd
  2. Balancing of prop shaft is imperative .
  3. Fitting of new seals e.g.: side shaft ,and gearbox/diff seals should be carried out as part of preventative maintenance at purchasers expense .
  4. Changing of diff flange without permission from Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd will render this guarantee invalid .

Turbochargers/Turbos :

  1. Used /Second hand turbo chargers supplied by Matadoor Salvage (PTY) Ltd will be subject to a 14 day replacement guarantee.
  2. Turbo must be fitted by a professional installer preferably (RMI) approved workshop .
  3. Preventative maintenance is imperative during installation of replacement turbochargers either new or used .
  4. New turbochargers supplied by Matadoor salvage (PTY) Ltd will be subject to 30 day replacement guarantee .
  5. Turbochargers are supplied strictly for o.e.m. specified fitment and carry no guarantee when used for aftermarket racing purposes.
  6. Absolutely NO CASH REFUNDS will be effected for turbochargers purchased from Matadoor Salvage (PTY)Ltd , in the event a turbocharger is incorrectly supplied for its intended purpose , a replacement unit will be supplied within 10-14 working days , however it is important for a client to supply all the relevant information regarding the part required  so as to avoid such an occurrence.
  7. In the event of malfunction in accordance with our standard terms of supply , a full assessment will be made by  an external work centre to determine reason for failure , should this serve to determine gross negligence on the part of the purchaser during operation of said part this guarantee will be rendered null and void and assessment costs will be for the purchasers account .